Tax Preparation & Planning

  • Tax Return Preparation & Planning (Individuals, Corporations, Partnerships, LLCs/LLPs, Estates, Trusts, Nonprofit Organizations)
  • Business Formation & Start Up
  • Tax Compliance
  • Property & Corporate Franchise Tax returns
  • Resolving Issues with Taxing Authorities
  • Divorce & Support Issues
  • Tax Effects of Buying/Selling a Business

Over many decades, our partners and staff have prepared thousands of tax returns, including filings for individuals, corporations, partnerships, LLCs, nonprofits, trusts, and estates. We understand the ever-changing complexity of staying current on tax forms and the tax law including Internal Revenue Code and Regulation changes, in order for our clients to file complete and accurate tax returns. Our collective knowledge and experience allows us to deliver valuable insights to our clients when providing counsel to them. We are intimately aware of the various intricacies that legitimately save our clients real dollars. In addition, we save time by knowing where to find answers for clients, which also adds value to our client relationships.

With our experience and knowledge, we are adequately equipped to prepare tax returns for all entities, on all levels to keep you in compliance with each and every taxing authority, whether federal, state or local. Below is a sample list of federal returns we have prepared for clients in the past. In addition to federal forms, we have prepared returns for most of the states in the U.S. and can accommodate clients regardless of location. We also can amend any previously filed tax returns that may generate refunds for clients. Unlike many other firms, all of our tax returns are reviewed and signed by a CPA. See for more information on CPAs.

Federal forms: 1040; 1120 and 1120-S; 1065; 1041; 709. Federal Schedules: A (Itemized Deductions) and B (Interest & Dividends); C (Profit or Loss from Self Employment); D (Capital Gains & Losses); E (Rental Properties and K-1 Income); and F (Profit or Loss from Farming).

Tax Return Preparation & Planning

We think that tax services involve much more than simply filing a tax return on time. With a climate of federal and state governments needing to increase tax revenues in an era of budget deficits, being proactive is crucial in order to minimize tax burdens. We work with businesses and their owners, as well as families and individuals, not only on tax return preparation, but also in developing strategies to assist clients in achieving their current and future tax savings. We offer year-end analysis and strategies to reduce tax liabilities, and provide calculations to show the benefits of suggested solutions, and take into consideration multi-year planning and recent tax law changes.

We offer electronic filing options, quarterly and year-end estimated income tax payment calculations (including payment vouchers), and extension filings. We also assist estates with inventory reports, accountings, and administrative matters required by local courts and Registers of Wills. Needless to say, we have the ability to assist you with all your tax needs.

Business Formation & Start Up

We can help you form a new business entity, acquire Federal ID numbers, file appropriate tax elections and make prudent decisions when starting a new business.

Property & Corporate Franchise Tax Returns

We prepare miscellaneous returns for all entities in all states.

Resolving Issues with Taxing Authorities

We help clients resolve issues with the IRS and state & local governments relating to notices, audits, information requests, offers in compromise and collection procedures.

In summary, we provide services to corporations, partnerships limited liability companies (LLCs), trusts, estates, nonprofit entities and sole-proprietors. We have been engaged by business clients from many different industries, both small and large. We offer the latest in technology, from electronic filings of tax returns to the use of wireless e-mail and web services for efficient communication.