Why EagleStone

Your Finances Demand an Integrated Approach

In today’s financial environment, it’s simply not enough for a wealth manager to help high net worth individuals select the best investments. At EagleStone we understand this intimately.

Taxes and Wealth Building are Deeply Connected

A tax-efficient strategy is integral to investment portfolio management. Estate tax reduction is critical to asset preservation, and tax law changes impact long term-retirement independence planning. The bottom line is: prudent investment and financial decisions must be made while considering taxes and vice versa. EagleStone was founded to provide a total financial solution to savvy clients.

As both accomplished tax professionals and Certified Financial Planners, we offer clients an integrated total financial solution that focuses on wealth accumulation, asset protection and risk management.

The multi-disciplinary EagleStone team consists of Certified Financial Planners, CPAs, and professionals with JD and MBA credentials.

Our Independence Provides a Distinct Advantage

Our status as a fiduciary is at the core of our organization. We are financial stewards of client finances and our guidance is driven solely by what is in our clients’ best interest. We put the interests of our clients ahead of our own by stepping into their shoes and making decisions from their perspective. Our litmus test is the question: “Would we be comfortable providing the same advice to our family members?”

The Fiduciary Standard

Why is this important? We are bound to the Fiduciary Standard requiring investment advisors to always act in the best interest of the client and must always put the client’s interest ahead of their own. EagleStone Tax & Wealth is proud to uphold the Fiduciary Standard.

Our litmus test is the question: “Would we be comfortable providing the same advice to our family members?”

With EagleStone as Your Wealth Advisors, You Can Expect:

Independent Guidance – We provide objective, non-proprietary investment services and advice through third party custodians to protect client assets.

Alternative Investments – We provide unique access to fund managers, non-publicly traded REITs, Business Development Companies, tax-beneficial oil & gas limited partnerships, private placements and IPOs.

Knowledge – We offer an experienced staff, with professional credentials of CFP, CPA, JD and MBA. Our people are a true family of advisors with immense knowledge for client advocacy.

Competitive Fees – We offer a highly competitive fee structure using investments that feature no loads, no commissions, no transaction fees and low costs.

Proprietary Technology & Research – Our investment into research, educational tools, and technology serves effectively to manage client portfolios and diversify risk.

With EagleStone as Your Tax & Accounting Advisors, You Can Expect:

Experience – CPAs with decades of comprehensive personal and business tax and accounting experience, serving hundreds of clients – large and small – through many tax law changes.

Tax Efficiency – We offer an integrated approach for tax-efficient portfolio management, including harvesting tax losses prior to year end.

Easy Fee Structure – We offer a unique flat-fee structure where clients pay either an annual or quarterly fee. We do not nickel and dime clients with bills over phone calls. In fact, we encourage clients to call our offices. This equates to open communication and a superior level of service.

Integrated Services – You no longer need four different advisors who don’t communicate with one another. With taxes, investments, insurance, and estate planning all under one roof, the client no longer gets caught in the middle of four different offices.

In today’s complex financial environment, successful wealth management for high-net-worth individuals demands a comprehensive approach that blends sound portfolio management with tax-efficient strategies.