Get to Know Us

Our Watchful Eye. Your Peace of Mind

Our Mission

To provide our clients with peace of mind by helping them to achieve their financial goals through customized tax and wealth management strategies.

Our Core Values

Our core values guide us in our approach to business, our interactions with others, and in our pursuit to achieve our company mission:

Stewardship – We are the stewards of clients’ tax and wealth management needs. The litmus test for our commitment as steward is evidenced in the form of the following question. “Would we be comfortable providing the same advice to our own family members?”

Loyalty – We have pledged an allegiance to our clients, ensuring that prudent choices are made on their behalf. EagleStone understands there will be peaks and valleys in both the markets and in any relationship, but we will remain devoted to our clients.

Community – EagleStone believes a successful life is not measured solely in dollars; but is measured in the people and relationships established over time. This is why we not only support EagleStone’s community, but our clients’ community and what is important to them – whether it is family, friends, charity, religion, hobbies, sports, passions, etc. We strive to align ourselves with what is truly important to our clients, and carry those values into our overall philosophy as an organization.

Trust in your financial and tax planning experts is essential. If you have nagging questions about your path, it’s impossible to achieve peace of mind and enjoy the wealth you have worked so hard to create. Doubt in your plan can lead to rash decisions that can negatively impact your financial position, both short and long term. If you have questions about your financial future, allow us to help you achieve peace of mind.

EagleStone Tax & Wealth Advisors, Inc. is an independent firm serving clients nationally and internationally from its offices in the Washington, DC/Baltimore metropolitan area. We provide a full spectrum of investment management, financial planning, wealth advisory, accounting, and tax planning services.

Our comprehensive and integrated approach – considering the implications of taxes and investment decisions on a client’s wealth – recognizes the expanding complexity of financial decision making. Our objective is to help clients develop and implement financial strategies allowing them to achieve financial confidence, security and peace of mind.

Financial Stability, Security & Freedom

Whether it is a family name or a company name, names are symbolic of who we are and the values we hold dear. The name EagleStone is indicative of our approach and philosophy, and was selected to symbolize financial freedom and strength through two key concepts that exist in nature. Our name and the imagery we use works to communicate and reinforce our mission.

The Bald Eagle, the national emblem of the United States, was chosen by our founding fathers because it is the living symbol of freedom and our nation’s spirit for the pursuit of excellence. It is the largest bird in Northern America and builds the largest nest of any mammal in the world. We draw a parallel to this concept in helping clients preserve financial freedom.

The Stone symbolizes strength and stability. In wealth management, the fundamental strength of a financial strategy is based on the foundation of the underlying advice implemented. A sound financial design is only as good as its underlying building blocks. Together, “EagleStone” symbolizes our approach to helping clients achieve and maintain financial stability, security & freedom.